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Poverty despite growth – field trip

If productivity growth is the pathway out of poverty for smallholders in South Asia, then Bangladesh is currently on a better way than India. Where as Bangladesh has managed to increase cereal yields per ha from the 1970s onwards and from 1990 to 2009 by 50%, India managed to increase yields per ha only by […]

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Towards Inclusive Development for and with the Poorest

Tweet International Roundtable Conference on Marginality and Extreme Poverty: Towards Inclusive Development for and with the Poorest June 20‐22, 2011 Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany The poorest are often marginalized, living at the edge of economic, ecological, social and political systems. Incidences of most extreme poverty and food insecurity are commonly […]

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Welcome to my personal webpage

Follow @gatzweiler02 I was trained as agricultural economist and work in the field of natural resource, ecological and institutional economics. My interests are interdisciplinary, applied and action-oriented research on values and institutions of biodiversity and ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, socio-cultural context of valuation, poverty and marginality. Enjoy exploring the work I do and exchanging views and thoughts […]

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